Unthreading Thoughts on the Riot in My Head

Treason, uprisings, riots and revolts.
Manifestation mais oui yes walk la manif on your bare hands of reason
the creeds on the banners, and the slogans all flutter,
the chants ricochet off the buildings and collide with the cold biting northern wind.
Not incognito, We, we traverse terrains très un-still with
the old detonated land mines of some near-forgotten coup d’état.
Those cosmopolitan Babylon City pavements are tremendously loaded.
Loaded with the daily trundle of footsteps swathed in, in, in some brand or fake brand
the masses that flocked to the capital to seek their fortune
only to find unemployment at the shrine of the Job Centre
and those that fly in, in private jets to exploit those at that very same shrine.
You’re not encouraged to, but you might want to Ne go she ate,
Negotiate with what? with who? negotiate to unravel a crowded future loaded with fossilised burdens.
Yet we all witness the full moon, we all swim the oceans, we all make love,
we all have the propensity to love and be loved.
When the patriarchal stalagmite crumbles into dust and the ying and yang unite
then we might begin to see the light at the end of the long winding tunnel.
– Satch Hoyt, 2018

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