Opening of Afro-Sonic Mapping at HKW

Afro-Sonic Mapping Concert
Afro-Sonic Mapping concert. From left: Satch Hoyt, Henk Heuer, Kiluanji Kia Henda

Greetings, to those of you that were unable to attend the Afro-Sonic Mapping opening – let me tell you, you were missed. For those that were there: well, you were a wonderful audience and played an important role in creating what can only be described as an amazingly relaxed and friendly atmosphere. On Oct 31st, I did a conduction (real-time composition) with an ensemble of seven musicians. On Nov 1st, the Afro-Sonic Mapping Band debut was witnessed. The band – apart from four guests – consists of musicians and vocalists that I met and collaborated with in Luanda, Angola, Salvador da Bahia and Lisbon, Portugal. I  would like to thank all of them once again, and thank you and the very accommodating and patient HKW team: Agnes, Anselm, Paz, and Lisa. It was a great experience. And to you, dear followers, I very much hope to see you on Nov 17th for the closing talks and my premier performance of LATITUDE – a composition conceived and partially recorded during my Afro-Sonic Mapping voyage. A limited edition vinyl record with scented inner sleeve is available at the HKW bookstore and Motto Books Berlin. Here are some images from the opening events and quick tour of the exhibition. Much Gratitude, Satch.

Afro-Sonic Mapping opening reception at HKW
Afro-Sonic Mapping opening reception at HKW. From left: Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Greg Tate, Christina Wheeler.
Afro-Sonic Mapping band. From left: Satch Hoyt, MC Khris, Suyá Nascimento, Henk Heuer, Teddy Nsingi, Stéphane Gaultier, Kiluanji Kia Henda.
LATITUDE - Album Cover
LATITUDE limited edition album – cover.

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