Louis Chude Sokei Interview

ASM’s approach to unpacking archives is in fact quite unique,  The un-muting of  archives followed by sonic restitutions, liberates and enables incarcerated looted archives to regain presence and live. In other words placing the past into the now with a optimistic vision to the future.

The decibels have been turned up ASM is making big noise and on this particular dare I say last post of 2019 it is my great privilege to have conducted a interview in my Berlin Studio with Louis Chude Sokei. whose book  The Sound Of Culture is on my A list of recommended reading. Louis was in Berlin participating in a residency at the DAAD we have had quite a lot of correspondence this year as we are mining similar sonic terrains, We also share musician comraderie. In the interview he speaks of his personal migration from piano to bass, we muse on dub, sub bass frequencies the un-played new publications and other topics. I look forward to interviewing more folk for the blog next year and un-muting the francophone African archives and further sharing all the sonic info with you in 2020.

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