Session at Dande Recording Studio

Cello Dut in the Recording Studio
Celo Dut delivering his original vocal lines on an Afro-Sonic Mapping track at Dande Recording Studio in Salvador, Bahia. It was a mellow process; Celo and I discussed the concept of the project at his home and in his home studio. I explained my vision for the direction of his collaboration to the composition and we were both very happy with the results. Thank you, Celo – I hope there will be more collaborations in the future.
Cello Dut in the Recording Studio
Celo’s music was introduced to me by Cassio Bomfim, a visual artist and fashion designer. Celo is a 22-year-old Salvadorian vocalist/guitarist who has a unique style of rapping and singing.
Listening back to the vocal tracks and making decisions. Throughout the Afro-Sonic Mapping album process I have disciplined myself to make fast edits so as not to end up with loads of tracks. This is the third recording studio, folks, which means at least another three to go.
Suya Nascimento in the Recording Studio
Suya Nascimento fine-tuning the direction of the noise and drones.
In Dande Recording Studio
Suya Nascimento’s music was introduced to me by visual artist and fashion designer Cassio Bomfim. Thank you, Cassio. Suya and I share a love of experimentation. Suya studied music and spent five years in Oakland, California. To my relief, she speaks perfect English with a soft Cali accent, which made communication between us so smooth – it’s rare to find people who speak English in Salvador. Suya played some very beautiful, haunting, layered guitar parts and recited my poem on “The Black Madonnas Bled” track. She is currently in the German language course at the Goethe Institute, Salvador, Bahia and will soon be spending time in Berlin; so watch out for her there.


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